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Hi my friends :wave:

I have a question to those of you who live in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul. You will have the celebration of the Republic Day with spectacular fireworks in Istanbul. I'm going to visit this event to take some photos. So, at what time will the fireworks start? How long will it be? Where are the best places to see it and to make beautiful photos? I would like to have some Istanbul landmarks in the photo. I could think of Ortaköy and the Hill in the Asian part. Which one is better? Are there others? Maybe there is a good rooftop somewhere?

Your answeres will be very helpful!
Hi Everybody Hi! 

I need you help Sweating a little...  You know I like different celebrations, light festivals, fireworks and all that Woohooooo! So I have a question to everybody. What celebrations with fireworks display or light shows do you have in your country? In your city where you live? Which are annual and beautiful?

Carcassonne: Bastille Day 2013 by Nightcitylights
Hi my friends!
Is there anybody living in Krakow? I'm going to visit it soon...

Is anybody going to visit Lyon Light Festival on December 6-9? RandomSearcher and I will be there.
Hello my friends!

RandomSearcher and I are travelling to Belgium & Luxembourg on August 10-26. We'll visit Brussels, Gent, Brugge, Antwerpen, Mechelen, Dinant and Luxemburg. The main focus of our travel will be on taking pictures of the cities at sunrise, sunset and at dusk. Is there anybody who want to meet? What are the best places for shooting?
Hello my friends!

In the first half of March RandomSearcher and I are going to Tbilisi, Georgia. Does anybody of you live in this wonderful city?
Hello my dear friends :wave:

I have not been writing here for rather long time. Many things have happened since the mid of summer. I was travelling a lot in August, I had a busy time taking photos in Moscow in the beginning of autumn, I recieved one more DD... and I'm going to travel again... Let me tell a bit in details.

I spent the first half of the month in Vancouver, Canada. The international computer graphics SIGGRAPH 2011 was held there, and I attended it as my work is connected with computer graphics (I'm a software developer of an orthodontics CAD system). Vancouver is great. 30 minuts away from the Downtown and you find yourself among picturesque mountains and crystal-clear lakes. Even in August, when the temperature was about +25C, there was snow. It was the first time I met a real bear in the forest there :) 1 hour away from the Downtown and you find yourself in the open sea among orcas and whales.
RandomSearcher and I spent the second half of the month in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It was the first time we were in Lithuania, in Vilnius. The city has impressed us a lot. And now I'm looking forward to visit it again.

Tallinn: the Sunrise by Nightcitylights

Traditionally September is a month of festivals in Moscow. The main is the Military Tattoo on Red Square that lasts almost a week. Besides, Moscow celebrates the City Day on first weekends of the month. A great visual performance Alfa Show 4D was held on the main building of Moscow State University. I was invited to both perfomances as an official photographer.

Moscow: Military Tattoo'11 by Nightcitylights

One more DD!
Yep, I've got one more DD! :dance: Thanks a lot to MissEmeraldEyes for suggesting it!

Kazan: Qolsharif Mosque by Nightcitylights

What's next?
RandomSearcher and I are going to Berlin's Festival of Light on October 12-16! Is there anybody in Berlin who wants to meet with us? Some beer, some jokes and some photography will make a good time!
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Hi my friends!

Wow! I got my 3rd DD! That's incredible! Thanks a lot to GraphiteColours for the suggestion and to hellfirediva for the feature! So my 3 DDs are:

Moscow: B.Khmelnitsky Bridge by Nightcitylights Hamburg: the Town Hall by Nightcitylights Moscow: Military Tattoo 2010 by Nightcitylights

Thanks again!!! :bow:
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Hi All!

RandomSearcher and I are back from Istanbul. It was totally a wonderful trip. We've managed to find 3 roofs with great views of Istanbul, that I will share soon. And one of my dreams has come true - I made a photo of the Maiden's tower:

Istanbul: Maiden's Tower by Nightcitylights

I hope to take new photos of Moscow (and may be of other places here in Russia) in May.

By the way. I had a business trip to Costa-Rica in January and have quite many shots of nature and animals (wild world, not from a zoo). Would you like to see something from those photos? :D
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Hello my friends!

This Saturday (April 16) my wife RandomSearcher and I are travelling to Istanbul for a week. I'll be glad to meet somebody :)

Where are the best places for night shots, sunsets and sunrises? How to get there? Where can I go to take pictures from top (at sunsets and at dusk)? I know many hotels have a terrace at rooftop. Which are the best?

Thanks :)
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Hello everyone!

After about a year of abscence on DeviantArt I'm back! I have not given up photography, I'm all right, and I'm back to share new photos! I've got a second DD, new friends and lots of comments and favs. Thanks everybody!

My plans
- I plan to see your works browsing your galleries little by little, as I remeber you do great art.
- I plan to submit one or two photos per week showing the best of the last year and of the new shots.
- I plan to update several of my old photos and prints.

New photo
Moscow: Military Tattoo 2010 by Nightcitylights

Glad to see you all again!
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Hello my friends! :wave:

It seems to become a tradition to start my journals with thanking all my watchers :) And here too. I want to thank everybody for the support given in many :+fav:s, comments and :+devwatch:s! :bow: :bow: :bow: I'm really glad you like my photos! :boogie:

I was away from DA again for some time due to my visit to Paris with RandomSearcher :love: It was totally a wonderful week in French capital city with quite sunny weather, great Paris museums and numerous spectacular views that I tried to shoot :D I have not processed all my photos from Russian trips and from Germany and now I have more on my todo list. I'm planning to upload several photos very soon (part of them today if I have time in the evening).

And another great event that has happened is... the concert of Rammstein in Moscow. I love their music and I love their fire shows. But this one on Feb. 28 was particularly majestic. They are crazy guys putting on fire everywhere and on each other and setting a lot of fireworks... :crazy: but it looks fantastic! If you have the opportunity and love their music - don't hesitate and visit their concert!

Greetings from Moscow :wave:
Take care!
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Hello my dear friends :wave:

First of all I'd like to thank all of you who added my photos to your favourites! I'd also like to say thanks to all my new watchers - glad you find my photos interesting :bow: Thank you very much for your support!

I had one more mini-trip to Saint Petersburg on January 27 to celebrate 66 years of the End of Leningrad Blockade. It was a one-day trip (yep, 1300 km in two nights just to have one day of shooting in St. Petersburg... am I crazy? :crazy: ... say I am :D). The trip turned out very remarkable: there was very sunny weather (which is rare for St. Petersburg in winter) with only -25C, there was nice sunset, colorful fireworks and... and I swam a little bit :D Well... though the temperature is around -25C all the month the ice over the Neva river is not strong enough in some places due to ice-breakers. So I accidentally broke it with my weight and... fell into the cold water :crazy: Well... now I know how it is :D The cloths became frozen in 2 mins after I got out. The good thing is that I steeped only my jeans... Not to get cold I had to buy new jeans :D Now I'm ok :)

Tomorrow I'm going to upload more photos... and now I want to spleep a bit :D
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Hello to everybody :wave:

I'm back :) Well, I was back on January 10, but I had a lot to do (including copying and processing the photos :D of course not all are already processed...) Well... RandomSearcher and I had a trip here in Russia. We can call it a trip for the true winter with a lot of snow, frozen rivers, blue sky and... beautiful Russian architecture (some of which was illuminated :D). The trip was Moscow - Uglich - Rybinsk - Tutaev - Vologda (through Yaroslavl, but we didn't stay in it) - Tot'ma - Vologda - Kirillov - Moscow (through Vologda). The trip was about 1900km (by busses and trains) - see the track below. The temperatures were between -16C (we called this 'warm' :D) and -32C (this was pretty cold :crazy:), the sky was blue (usually in winter we have heavy clouds) and we were happy :D

I've uploaded two shots from the trip from the town of Uglich:

Uglich: St.Demetrios Church by Nightcitylights Uglich: the Cathedral 2 by Nightcitylights

Hope you will enjoy ;)

And the track... Sorry the names are in Russian... here is the translation Москва=Moscow, Углич=Uglich, Рыбинск=Rybinsk, Тутаев=Tutaev, Ярославль=Yaroslavl, Вологда=Vologda, Тотьма=Tot'ma, Кириллов=Kirillov :)

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Hello my dear friends! :wave:

Maybe it's a bit late, but nevertheless...

:santa: I want to wish you all Merry Christmass and Happy New Year! I wish you all much creativity, many interesting trips, many great moments to catch with your cameras! :santa:

This is most probably the last journal this year. I'm preparing for the New Year and the trip  that will follow (I don't want to tell about it now :D ). I also want to thank all new watchers for stopping by, for their support!


Quite soon I'm planning a trip to Paris (this is not the trip that will follow the New Year Eve) :) So I would like to ask my french friends if any of you want to meet with me and RandomSearcher. I'd be really glad to meet new people (however I don't speak French - only English and a bit of Spanish). I'd be also glad if you could help me... Where can I see the inter-city trains timetable and where can I book tickets? :)


Many people asked me about the weather here in Moscow... Well, it's different... last 2 months... no, 2.5 months it was cloudy... really cloudy - I could not see sun and blue sky for a very long time. But some time ago the weather changed: the temperature became around -25C and all clouds disappeared. I thought it was a great time for taking night pictures :D I work in the evenings (and it's getting dark now around 4 p.m.) so I went to take pictures early in the morning :crazy: -27C, cold wind, and... beautiful Moscow Kremlin and Red Square :D I'll upload photos today :) Now the weather is from -5 to +1 and cloudy again...

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Hi my dear friends! :wave:

I've been away from DA for quite a long time... now I'm back and... OMG! I descovered that I got a DD on 2009-11-19! :faint: So I want to thank Studio68 for suggestion and PorcelainPoet for featuring!!! :bow: This is my first DD :) Here it is:

Moscow: B.Khmelnitsky Bridge by Nightcitylights

I was away from DA because I was planning new trips (however I cannot say something for sure now) and I was busy with the photos (or better to say with panoramas :D) from the Festival of Lights that took place in Berlin. Of course I have not finished all the photos but I've done quite much and I'm starting uploading them :) Probably the most hard work was to make panoramas of the Brandenburg Gate as the illumination was constantly changing and I wanted to show different illumination (and of course I wanted to stitch in the same way panoramas made from the same point). I made 340 shots of the Gate that will result in 27 panoramas :crazy: 'Will' because I've finished 21 by now :) Hope you'll like them.

Take care and have a nice day! :wave:

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Hi my dear friends :wave:

I've retuned
A couple of days ago :iconrandomsearcher: and I returned from the 16-days trip to Germany. It was totally a great trip! And we enjoyed every minute of it! We met with :iconw0lle: and :iconsillsche: in Hamburg where spent great evening taking photos; and we met with :iconeyelightzone: in Berlin having a great day together (and also taking photos :D). Thank you very much for the meetings! :handshake: Well... as a result of this trip I've got ~40Gb of night shots :omfg: photos will be coming one after another soon

During my stay in Germany I got quite many comments, :+fav:s and :+devwatch:s. Thanks a lot! :bow: I'll reply as soon as possible.

I won a contest
My favourite Panorama Club :iconpanoramaclub: recently held the Building Exterior Competition. Well... I had never participated in contests here but that time I thought it would be a good idea to post something to it. And I won! :faint: :boogie:
Thank you for voting for me :bow:
Moscow: B.Khmelnitsky Bridge by Nightcitylights

Recently I was tagged by :iconlux69aeterna: and now I have to tell 10 things about myself. Well, quite a good idea :)
  1. Many people think I live in Moscow (most probably because of many Moscow nightshots in my gallery). But this is not so. I live in town named Khimki that is very close to Moscow and at least 5 days a week I go to the center of our capital to my work. Sometimes I go to Moscow on weekends to meet friends, take photos or for other reason.
  2. I work in an American orthodontics company Align Technology as a software developer in the field of 3D computer graphics. :typerhappy: And every working day I see human teeth on my screen :omfg:
  3. I speak Russian (of course), English and now I'm learning Spanish (I need it at work to comunicate with customers in Costa Rica).
  4. I'm mad with travelling :crazy: I try to spend as much time as possible travelling either here in Russia or abroad. Not that I select my destinations only for night shooting, but I'm interested in architecture, culture and history.
  5. As you noticed I'm also mad with night photography. I don't know how it came to me. I had never enjoyed photography before I started taking night shots. But it came and now I'm completely in it. Hope you enjoy :)
  6. I don't do commercial photography and don't get money from it. Because I'm lazy (that's normal for software developers). I started uploading prints here after a couple of people had requested them. Photography is my hobby, the way of self-expression.
  7. I don't care about politics and have never been to elections. Because I strongly think that in my country people decide nothing. And because I don't want to fill my head with things that don't give me either cultural, aesthetical gratification or that do not help me in my work.
  8. I hate TV because of a lot of advertisement and stupid news payed by government. I turn on TV only to see some football matchs or something like Olympic Games.
  9. I collect coins from different countries of the world. I don't have much (about 3000 I believe - that's really not much for collectors) but in the same time I almost don't spend money buying them. I bring them from the countries I visit; or my friends bring them from the countries they visit :)
  10. I will not tag 10 more people because I'm lazy to decide whom to tag and because many people don't really like it too much :) However for me it's a fun to answer questions :)

That's probably all that I wanted to share with you. I don't plan great trips for now because I need to process a lot of photos :crazy:. I'll try to spend much time here.

Take care and have a nice day! :wave:

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Hi everybody :wave:

Last month I didn't have much time to spend here on DA... but now I'm back :) I was very busy organising my trip to Germany, taking photos in Moscow, learning Spanish and having a 4-day trip to Kazan city.

I want to say many-many-many thanks to all of you for the :+fav:s and :+devwatch:s! Your support means much to me! :bow:

Concerning the photos... I decided to make a great new photoset of Moscow by night. First of all I was (and still is) interested in Moscow Kremlin (since it was long ago when I took photos of it for the last time) and so called 'summer night shots'. What's that? Simple - night shots of different buildings with flowers and fountains :) I'll post several of them very soon. I also had a great 4-days trip to Kazan city (800 km to the East off Moscow) with my girlfriend RandomSearcher and 2 colleagues from my work. Photos are also coming very soon. And... Yesterday it was the City Day of Moscow. Russian capital celebrated its 862d birthday. I think I'll post one shot with fireworks :)

And finally a bit of my future plans. Well... The most important is that my girlfriend RandomSearcher and I will go on a 16-days trip to Germany on October 3d-18th. We'll have the following rout: Nurnberg - Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Dinkelsbuhl - Bamberg - Regensburg - Munchin - Dresden - Hamburg and finally Berlin! So, my dear friends who live in Germany, I'll be glad to meet you if you have time and wish... and don't forget to prepare a really good weather! :D By the way concerning Berlin... It will hold the Lights Festival on October 14th-25th (more on the official site So I'll spend first 4 days of the festival in Berlin. Don't miss your chance to make unusual night shots! Come to Berlin too!

I hope to spend much time in September here on DA sharing and discussing photos :)

Have a nice day and take care! And thanks again for the :+fav:s and :+devwatch:s!!!

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Hi my dear friends!

I decided to write this journal after my third visit to Saint Petersburg in this year. We all know about the problems that world economics faces nowadays and I don't want to touch them here. However it turned out that the crisis influences night photography. One can say that night photography (as photography in general) is independent of the crisis – just take your camera and go taking pictures. In general he will be right. But there is one aspect of night photography dependent on economic situation of the country (region, city or whatever else) in which you take pictures – night illumination. The quality and amount of night illumination is probably the main force that makes you take your tripod and camera and go in the streets instead of staying at home in bed.

Traveling to different cities this year (especially to those where I was last year) I can say that the amount (and sometimes quality) of the night illumination is decreasing. In some cities (for example in Saint Petersburg) fewer buildings are illuminated nowadays (however I must say that the most important and beautiful historical landmarks have not lost their splendor at night). In other cities (for example in Beijing) not all buildings (even those that have great historical importance) are illuminated every day now (for example the Northern part of the Forbidden city is illuminated 3 or 4 days a week). There are cities where the illumination does not work all through the night (for example in Copenhagen and partly in Moscow, Minsk, and Beijing).

I can understand the reasons of this situation – night illumination costs a lot to governments and brings no income. There is a small part of the illumination organized by private companies but usually it is the illumination of their office buildings. And again it becomes too expansive for the companies.

The last but not least is the night events like different celebrations with fireworks or like festivals of light. The presence and magnificence of these performances depend on the amount of invested money. The difference with the simple illumination is that these performances gather tourists and it means bring some money. But if there is nothing to invest no performance will be held. I must say that I have not heard of cancellation of night shows of any kind yet (and hope won't hear) but I heard of fewer investments.

Why am I writing all this? Well, first of all as a night photographer I want to thank governments of different cities where I have been for the still working illumination and for the organized shows (like Season of Light in Helsinki, Fireworks Festival in Moscow, several celebrations in Saint Petersburg and the coming Festival of Lights in Berlin). Without it my photos would have been impossible and the night view of the cities would have been sad. Secondly I just want to warn all night photographers. If you decided to go somewhere hunting for the splendid night photos it is a good idea to find out information about the illumination if it is possible (in Europe tourist information centers usually can give such information, or you can try to search Internet, for example in livejournals, or just ask your friends who live there or who have been there).

Good luck and take care!

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Hi my dear friends :)

This a short journal entry just to say some news :)

The summer is comming and it means that I'm planning many weakend and holiday trips. In the following month I hope to visit Saint Petersburg twice (once on its birthday - the 27th of May - quite soon, and the second time on 19-21 of June), Belorussia (on 12-14 of June, I'll be in the capital city of Minsk and most probably will visit Mir castle) and maybe some more towns in Russia.

The second news is that I decided to buy display calibration tool. I chose Color Vision/Datacolor Spyder3PRO. It seems to make good results :D

And the last but not least is that I'm studying Spanish more seriously now. No hablo Español muy bien ahora, pero aprendo mucho y creo que eso es no dificil. Comentàis en Español por favor. :D

Take care! And greetings from Moscow :wave:

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